Inflatable Back Stretcher

Learn Everything You Need To Know In This 8 Minute Video.

Unpack to Complete Setup in 3 Minutes.

No tools required.

Once chin up bar is assembled (2 minutes). Place chin up bar and harness in doorway.
Harness made of inflatable vinyl. Provides exceptional grip and comfort.
Air valve to inflate harness. Try different pressures to get the most comfort. Often less pressure is more comfortable.

Relief Starts As Soon As You Start, Day 1.

Stance 1. Sit straight down. Test for comfort, adjust pressure for comfort and grip. You should feel immediate low back stretch.
Stance 2. Split Stance. You will put each leg back. Right leg back will stretch right side spine, left leg back will stretch left side.
Stance 3. Flexion Stance. This will give the most overall stretch.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Try it for 60 days If it does not improve your back pain, return it for full refund.

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Ships USPS priority mail, delivery times from 1-3 days. Weekend orders will ship following Monday.

You have so many choices, why not choose the best.

If you’re suffering with back pain, then you probably want to know the quickest and best way to get out of back pain. The quickest way is by taking medicine, it is supposed to be that way. Take Advil as an anti-inflammatory and it helps. Take a stronger medicine when Advil doesn’t work and sometimes the stronger medicine will work.

But what do you do when those don’t fix your problem and you have ongoing pain?

Can you agree that the medicine or Advil is just masking the problem?

Did you know that your back pain is caused from the following: muscle, nerve, cartilage? It can be just one of these giving you pain, or it can be any combination of the three.

If we know that back pain is caused from these what is the best way to fix all of them and see how I said “fix” not “mask” the problem? The best way to fix your back pain is with Spinal Decompression!

Did you know? You can pay with your FSA or HSA.

Spinal Decompression is the ACE of treatments.

Decompression therapy is the single best therapy you can do for your spine’s health. There is no other stretch that has the benefits you get from decompression therapy.

Decompression therapy has many names, you may have heard of traction, inversion therapy, low back decompression, DRX 9000, DTS, Teeter, these are all very similar decompression therapies. The main mechanism to get you out of back pain is by decompressing your spine.

It can be confusing for someone not in the medical/chiropractic field to decide which will work best. Even chiropractors and medical doctors don’t know which is a good therapy because they have not had experience with all the therapies. Just look at the discussions about Covid. There is so much information it is tough to pick which is right.

When picking the right therapy, evidence or proof would be a good thing to have, proof that the therapy does what it says, right?

If a specific therapy claims that it will decompress and relieve pain, then show that therapy decompressing a spine with x-rays, don’t show computer generated graphics.

Do you know there is only one therapy of all the therapies you can choose that has proof of spinal decompression with x-ray?

That is correct, this Inflatable Back Stretcher is the only one that has proof!

Check out a couple cases below!

X-Ray is the only way to see decompression occurring.

Check out these four unique cases all drastic improvement using this therapy.

Case 1. Customer uses this decompression therapy 5 years after surgery because surgery did not fix the space problem.

52-year-old male, post disc surgery at L5. Had a herniation removed 10 years prior. Left X-ray is standing, Right X-ray is hanging in the harness. 64% increase in space while in harness.

Case 2. Young active adult had to give up playing sports. He is now back to playing sports after using this therapy.

32-year-old with 12mm uneven hips. Has back pain while lifting and running. X-ray on the left is while hanging, X-ray on right is standing. Hanging in harness will lengthen the short muscles the left side.

Case 3. Young patient with severe Scoliosis sees there is hope and can treat the scoliosis.

18-year-old with severe scoliosis. X-ray on right is standing not in the harness. X-ray on left is in the harness hanging in neutral stance. Almost complete reduction in Scoliosis Curve. (Reason for the quality differences in x-rays. X-ray on right was taken on a new digital x-ray vs. the x-ray on left taken on older machine in chiropractor’s office using plain films.)

Case 4. Maintenance care is what this customer is looking forward to. Keeping the discs healthy his entire life decompressing as need.

46-year-old standing left X-ray. In Sit and Decompress harness, neutral stance x-ray on right. Compare where the red line starts and where it ends (follow line left to right).

The starting point at the posterior part of the vertebrae. The line ends at the same point posterior part of the vertebrae. Do you see the ending point is much higher on the spine on the right? indicating the spine has been stretched out.

Sizing is Simple

We offer one size to fit a 36-to-46-inch chest. Be sure to measure at the thickest part or your chest. Women measure over the bust. Larger size coming soon to accommodate up to 54-inch chest.

Why the different stances?

Each stance will stretch a different side and area of your spine, focusing where you need it most.

Safe for all back injuries. Safe for all ages and weights.!

Below are just a few of the conditions that respond quickly with this therapy.

  • Loss of Height
  • Spondylosis
  • Pre-Surgical Therapy
  • Post-Surgical Therapy
  • Low Back Stiffness
  • Loss of Range of Motion
  • Disc Injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Arthritis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Scoliosis

Remember, your doctor probably has never heard or seen this therapy, they typically only know what they have in the office. If you are seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist, ask them about spinal decompression therapy, ask if it would help you.

The chances of spinal decompression not helping your low back pain is extremely low. Think of spinal decompression like brushing your teeth. Why do you brush your teeth?

Brushing your teeth is to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Spinal decompression is used to get your spine healthy and maintain your spines health.

What are you doing to maintain your spine?

Don’t let your spine decay from not taking care of it. Arthritis in your spine is essentially the decaying of your spine. Start today, what are you waiting for?

Same day shipping when ordered before 2pm eastern time.

Ships USPS priority mail, delivery times from 1-3 days. Weekend orders will ship following Monday.

Did you know? You can pay with your FSA or HSA.

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